Sunday, July 13, 2014

Night Running is ME Time

The most challenging thing about my July Run Streak is time.  No excuses, seriously here.  There really aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done that a Type A Perfectionist needs to get done!
Most of my Run Streak runs have been done at night.  And we're talking, real night.  After the last of the dishes are washed, the baby's sound asleep, and the floor has been vacuumed is when I squeeze in my time.

The idea of heading out for a run at 10 pm sucked at first.  Really?  I can't just LAY IN BED and watch NETFLIX?  Come ooooon.  Plus, I am so used to running with a stroller, it felt sacrilegious to run without Isla.

But the more I sat on the couch procrastinating my run, the more I get this face...

...which always gets me up and going in a hurry.

Now that I've gotten into it, it's growing on me.  There's something pretty magical about being out there in the quiet of the night.  Less traffic.  Less chaos.  I don't HAVE to be back in time to rush anyone to soccer or a play date.  No one "needs a snack!"  It's just me and Luke, hitting the pavement.  It's been even more therapeutic to take that ME time.  This week we were treated to a pretty breathtaking moon on our night runs.  I hope you had a chance to run in this amazing moon light!