Monday, July 7, 2014

Excuse us While we STREAK... #EveryDayInJuly

As I've written about many times before, I am the Q U E E N of excuses.  I love running, but I love sitting my lazy ass on the couch too.  I love running marathons, but I also love Netflix marathons.

Because I'm a working mom of three crazy kids, who has really bad asthma and arthritis it's REALLY easy for me to come up with excuses.
"I'm tired"

"The House needs to be cleaned"
"My lungs feel wonky"
"Laundry needs to be done"
"I'm tired"
"My hips hurt"
"The baby needs to go to bed"
"My wrists hurt"
"It's too humid"
"I'm tired"
"My feet hurt"

Honestly, I really AM tired 99.9% of the time.  And my joints hurt most of the time.  But sitting on the couch has done ZERO to solve either of those problems over the last 30 years....In fact....sitting around makes me MORE tired and makes my joint pain WORSE.

So in an effort to prepare for the next stage of my running-life, I decided to EFF the excuses and make a commitment to RUN EVERY DAY IN JULY.

Now, it gets dicey since I'm going to be on a road trip for 4-5 days of the month, but...hey...NO EXCUSES.  Hotels have treadmills.

I just completed the 5th day and I'll tell ya...."I'm tired"  But my hip's holding up and I can see how necessary this challenge is for my mind!