Saturday, July 5, 2014

Taking Charge...Road ID Rocks for Runners

After our run in with a car I got smart.

I finally got myself a Road ID...

I've been running on the road for almost 7 years and for about 5 years I've been saying, "I should buy one of those ID bracelets..."  But because I abhor online shopping, I never bit the bullet and ordered one.

What a freaking brilliant product.  For just $20 a runner/hiker/cyclist, etc gets the peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to you while on a run, your medical information can be readily accessed by an EMT.  With just a simple phone call, paramedics can know what medications your on and who your emergency contacts are.  As a severely asthmatic runner, I think it's freaking stupid I ever ran without one.

I opted for the sport band style, but you can bet your booty I'll be trying the other styles, and buying one for my runner/hiker dad, running kids, and running friends.